Happy Birthday:
06.08. Jonas Schmänk, Class of 2014
06.08. Sonja Epping, Class of 2006
08.08. Anna Borowek, Class of 2013
08.08. Jana Stockbauer, Class of 2016
09.08. Alice Negulescu, Class of 2012

Welcome back Class of 2018. This years Class was once again welcomed by their friends and family at the airport in Telgte.

Pictures from this years graduation can be found here. Congratulations to all Clownies from the Class of 18!

Congratulations to the Clas of 2018! The next genaration of clowns passed their drivers license.

As every year, CYE is offering the Fall Tour during your fall break. Sign up here!

The West Coast Tour of 2018 has successfully come to an end! On the West-Coast-Website you can find the travelguide and a detailed map with all the stops.

"Meet the Chaparones!"

You now have access to the Kappl video from the class of 2018.

The Westcoast Video from the Class of 2017 is now avaible online.

The pictures from this years annual Family Barbecue can be found here.

Finally the parents of the Class of 2017 could welcome their children. The pictures to this happy event are avaible here.

The pictures from the Class of 2017 trip to Cancun are online.

Congratulations to the Class of 2017 for passing their drivers license.

"Meet the Chaperones!"

Here you can find a video from this years Christmas meeting in New York.

The Westcoast video from the Class of 2016 is now online.

Pictures to the Fall Tour 2016 are now online.

Here you can watch a video of the Cancun trip of 2017.

The Fall-Tour 2016 starts in a couple days. Here you can et to the East-Coast-Website.

Impressions out of the orientationprogam from the Class of 2017 can be seen in this short video.

Pictures from the annual Family Barbecue can now be found online.

This is the video to this years Kappl.

For the return of our students to Germany we hosted a big welcome reception at a small airport close to Münster. Family pictures can be downloaded here.

Also, a video camera capured all the emotions at this family reunion celebation for the Class of 2016. Watch the short video!

Pictures of the Class of 2016 Christmas Meeting in New York City are available here and on Twitter.

Our members of the Class of 2015 returned safely back to Germany. A big welcome reception was held at the little airport of Telgte. Pictures of the event can be downloaded now.

On Saturday all departing students of the Class of 2015 received their travel blessing. Afterwards, the Class of 2014 was honored for successfully finishing a year in the US. Pictures are here.

Most students of the Class of 2014 returned to Germany now. CYE held a big welcome reception at the manor Havichhorst. Family and Group Pictures can be downloaded here.

We congratulate our members of the Class of 2014 who graduated at different High Schools in Alabama and Tennessee. Some pictures are availiable here.

Congratulations to our alumni and members of the Class of 2010, Niklas Fahl (JPII Huntsville) and Sarah Schedlinski (Madison Academy) on their successful completion of their undergraduate studies at the University of Alabama. Niklas Fahl has earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming (cum laude), and Sarah Schedlinski has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (magna cum laude).

Find the outline of the USA Spring Tour 2014 on our East Coast Website. There you can browse an interactive Travel Guide, sign up for our post card service, and view pictures soon.

Domestic and international students at CYE's partnering schools are invited to sign up for CYE's student trip to New York from December 5 until 9. Information can be found here.

On Saturday, July 27, CYE celebrated a mass for the graduating Class of 2013. The departing Class of 2014 received a travel blessing. Pictures may be viewed here.

The Class of 2013 arrived safely back in Germany. Pictures of the big Welcome reception can be found here.

Flower greetings from the Class of 2013 students were brought to their mothers on Mother's Day.

During the West Coast Tour of the Class of 2013, up to date information is available on our West Coast Website.

At the first weekend of advent the Class of 2013 came together in New York City for their Christmas reunion. Here you will find a selection of photos. More can be found in our Twitter account.

On Saturday (July 28), holy mass was held at the church of St. Nikolaus to celebrate the graduating Class of 2012 and give a blessing to the departing Class of 2013. Afterwards, all students, their parents, relatives, and friends, and CYE alumni were invited to join the barbecue party in the church yard. Pictures are now available here.

The Class of 2013 students started their preparation camp in Kappl, Austria. First impressions are now available here.

On June 16 the Class of 2012 returned back to Germany. Families and friends welcomed the travelors in Münster. Family pictures are available here.

On Mother's Day the Class of 2012's mothers received flower greetings from their daughters and son in the USA.

Some photos of the Class of 2012's prom celebrations may be downloaded here.

At the moment, the Class of 2012 students travel the West Coast of the United States. On our West Coast Webpage you will find more information about the journey and the chaperones. Also, up to date pictures can be viewed.

A video summery of the Class of 2012's New York visit ist now online.

The Class of 2012's Christmas meeting in New York left many good memories. Pictures that captured some of those memories can be viewed here.

Our Class of 2012 was in Atlanta for their Fallmeeting. Lucas Fockenbrock's video summery can be viewed here.

More pictures from the orientation program of our Class of 2012 are online.

Our Class of 2011 has completed the CYE program. On July 30, the annual baccalaureat mass and graduation ceremony was held in Münster, Germany. Pictures from the mass and the following family barbecue can be viewed here.

You can see pictures from the preparation camp of the Class of 2012 in Kappl, Austria here.

On Whit Monday our Class of 2011 retured to Münster, Germany after a one year stay in the US. Our welcome reception in the historical Drostenhof of Wolbeck was attended by the families of the program participants and their relatives and friends. Photos are online.

The Mayor of the city of Münster, Markus Lewe, welcomed our guests participating in the program Germany 2011 and their German hosts in the city hall. Some pictures can be downloaded.

On Mothers' Day the mothers of the Class of 2011 enjoyed flower greetings from their sons and daughters in the US.

A group of exchange students from the German school Gymnasiums St. Mauritz in Münster visited Nashville und Washington, D.C. during Spring Break. Photos of this USA Tour 2011 are online.

Pictures of the Class of 2011's West Coast Tour can be reached via our West-Coast-Page.